Coping with addictions, depression, anxiety and other challenges

We all face emotional difficulties in our lives that can impact on our work, relationships and our well-being, and there may be a variety of reasons why you would wish to seek counselling.  You may be going through a difficult period in your life or have an issue that you have been struggling with for a while.

Counselling can offer a positive exdepression - addiction - anxiety - pace counsellingperience with an opportunity to express your feelings about a situation in your life that may be causing you unhappiness.  For example, if you are experiencing problems with addictions, depression, anxiety.  If you feel angry, betrayed, confused,  or just overwhelmed.  Talking to a professional counsellor can help you to deal with these feelings or any other problems that are troubling you.  It will help you to recognise different choices and make sense of whatever is worrying you.  We can work together to help you move forwards, and this will always be at your pace.  Please look at Issues Covered for more information.

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