The Metaphorical Path of Life


I  found this little piece of wisdom whilst I was reading articles on line, and wanted to share it with you.  It’s about the metaphorical path of life which we follow, and is taken from a writing by Laura Lee-Smith…

Instead of seeing our lives as an entity we cannot control, ruminate upon this well-known metaphor to the life we live:

Paths are full of twists, turns and thorny unmarked points, but where you go is up to you.  So, perhaps it is not only the feeling of losing control that eats at us, but the fear of setting down a path that we are unsure of.  What we fear is the inertia and momentum of a decision that will take us to a place unknown.  Without a doubt, our lives are made up of difficult decisions, highs and lows, missteps and dark places, but it is the people we choose to be during these moments that define us.

Thorns can get hacked through with the right tools, missteps conquered with the armour of a sound mind and self-confidence, and those dark unknown places can have light shed upon them with the right attitude and a large dash of courage. It is all a matter of using yet another metaphor, and digging deep within ourselves to find the will and the strength to make the difficult choices, to brave the unknown with only yourself as a net.  No matter what metaphor we choose, what path we take, we can always change direction and it is having the choice to do this that we must hold onto.