HypnoBlitz: A Unique Approach to Weight Loss and Fitness

hypnoblitz-logoDo you want to lose weight and feel fitter?

Are you fed up with that frustrating cycle of ‘yo-yo’dieting?

Do you battle against your own mental barriers to losing weight and doing exercise?

 HypnoBlitz offers a solution to these challenges with a unique programme combining hypnotherapy and personal fitness training

What will you gain?

  • Positive mental and physical health rewards for the long term
  • Feel better with more energy and improved sleep
  • Understand and Conquer your weight issues
  • Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce stress, your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels
  • Take control of unhealthy eating patterns and your weight

What is included in the HypnoBlitz Programme?

  • An individually tailored programme for weight loss and fitness
  • 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss to address negative thoughts and feelings, body confidence and body image.
  • 6 sessions of Personal Fitness Training specifically tailored to achieve weight loss and body toning
  • Important Nutritional Advice throughout the programme
  • Full Initial Consultation Assessment with the HypnoBlitz team to identify your needs and your goals
  • Mid-Way Review to ensure we are all on track to help you achieve your goals

All of this at an Introductory price of £600

Your HypnoBlitz Team

Two experienced professionals with over 30 years experience in the mental health and fitness industries.

Sharon Convisser and Max Cacace

Sharon Convisser is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and counsellor.  She has extensive experience working within major organisations and in private practice, helping people improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Max Cacace has over 15 years experience within the fitness industry with highly regarded qualifications in fitness industry.  He is passionate about fitness and creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for you to achieve your goals.


To make a booking or for further information contact:
Sharon Convisser: sharonc@pacecounselling.co.uk or call 07936 556314
Max Cacace : maxcacacept@hotmail.com or call 07919 156354